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Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis is making its way to the big screen

Bisous Pictures and Ali Hazelwood announces partnership on an adaptation of New York Times best-selling novel, The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis is Hazelwood’s debut novel which was first published in September 2021 and has remained on The New York Times Best Sellers list for 39 weeks. This book has become extremely popular especially in the BookTok and Bookstagram community over the past year and readers and fans are for sure ecstatic to see this adapted to the big screen. I know I am.

I read the novel last year and have loved it immensely for many reasons, but mostly because the story centers around a woman in STEM. The Love Hypothesis is about Olive Smith, a graduate student working on pancreatic cancer research, and Adam Carlsen who is a hotshot professor that everyone knowingly hates. A romance that started from an impulsive kiss and fake dating, Olive and Adam test their hypothesis about love and each other.

Read my full review of The Love Hypothesis HERE.

There’s no news yet on when we can expect the release to the big screen but there’s been a big petition to get Adam Driver to play as Dr. Adam Carlsen. Before her debut novel, Hazelwood started out with writing fanfiction for the Star Trek fandom then eventually moved on to Star Wars. And it’s no secret that the main characters of her debut book have been inspired by Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars. If you look closely at the book cover, it’s even inspired by the scene when Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley kissed! 

But here’s my confession – while I am so excited to see the adaptation of this novel, I am just not the biggest Adam Driver fan! I don’t find him sexy at all. I think Noah Centineo or Darren Barnet, both of them I find charming and alluring, would be the perfect man to play Carlsen. As for Olive, I haven’t really given it a lot of thought.

With that said, I hope that the adaptation will be as good as the book but let’s be honest, the book is always better.


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