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Christina Lauren announces new book: THE TRUE LOVE EXPERIMENT, a spin-off on The Soulmate Equation’s Fizzy Chen.

In case you missed it, romance-novel coauthor duo, Christina Lauren,  just announced their new book: The True Love Experiment! This new book is set on the same premise as The Soulmate Equation but the main heroine is Fizzy Chen, a best-selling romance-novelist and best friend of Jess Davis-Peña.  Though having a successful career as a […]

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The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren – Book Review

Reading books has been my main hobby lately but I think it’s safe to say that buying books comes second, and no they are not the same thing. Almost every day, I go on Facebook Marketplace just to browse listings and see if there are any books that I want to add to my collection. […]

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January 2022 Wrap-Up

The first month of the year was a busy one for me. Though I am a little behind on writing reviews, there are three notable things that happened this month that I feel proud of. 1. I read 5 books this month At the beginning of each month, despite being a mood reader I like […]